Don’t Be Lazy


Don’t be lazy and start work , There many people who talk more much than work, They keep say i will do this and I will do that , and i will be something one day.

For example: I will be write a book, or saying I will go to Gym to lose weight but they never do any thing, than after that they blame other people for their failure

Finally ، stop talk and start look for solution and put a plan that make you done what you want.


do it & don’t wait 

if you thought about something you would like to do
or dream about it, but you think you can’t because you fear to fail
just do it now
leave all bad and dark thinking in your mind behind your back
put good plan that have information about what you want
and end of time for it
just do it, you will Enjo
and you will be yourself


they forgotten Jeddah

i was sat with my sister، and she told me that her husband told her that they warn the people of Jeddah and Mecca, torrent may come

so ,, the question

Is there a readiness for such incidents after the disaster of the year??

And it is really solved their problem earlier??

What a way to avoid such a disaster if there were, again, God forbid,

I hate to follow the news no matter what ،
I do not know what happened or what can happen, but one heard here and there and confused in the solution,
but I can only pray for the people of Jeddah، and those who suffer ، that god released them as their Lord and compensate the best

These images,  painted last year after the events

Published again

كنت أجلس و أختي فحدثتني أن زوجها أخبرها أنهم يحذرون أهل جدة ومكة سيول قد تأتي

فجاء السؤال ،،،

هل هناك استعداد لمثل هذه الحوادث بعد كارثة العام ؟؟

و هل حلت مشكلتهم السابقة حقاً ؟؟

ماهي الطريقة لتفادي مثل هذه الكوارث لو حدثت مرة أخرى لا سمح الله ، والله أنا أكره متابعة الأخبار مهما كانت ولا أعرف أيش حصل أو أيش ممكن يحصل ، لكن الواحد يسمع من هنا وهناك ويحتار في الحل ، لكن لا أملك إلا الدعاء لأهل جدة ولمن يعاني وضعها بأن يفرج لهم كربهم ويعوضهم خير

هذه لوحات رسمتها العام الماضي بعد الأحداث

أعيد نشرها

عيدي غير،،،،

عيدكم مبارك

وكل عام وأنتم بخير

العيد عندي هذه السنة سيكون مختلف فهو بداية لنظام حياة مختلفة خصوصاً بعد العملية

وكذلك وهذا الأهم أن أغلى الناس شاركوني فرحته ربي يسعدهم


Eid Mubarak

Happy New Year

Eid this year will be different because it is the beginning of a different life, especially after surgery

And more importantly, my best friends Shared my happiness

Feelings Need To Come Out

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

I feel a strange sense of frustration
I changed my blog to the black color ,and that the last thing I thinking of
I collected contradictions between sadness and joy and activity, laziness and fear and trust
I feel hurt when I laugh
And my heart holds many of the worry and concern
Despite this I go to lecture on the optimism and hope
Draw a smile on the lips Absin

However, sometimes life is more difficult to challenge By myself

Why ?
Why do I lose ?
Why all of this happening to me ?
I believe that God wrote all that I saw and what will be
Does not object it

They are just feelings need to come out
And questions need answers

تصنيف جديد

وضعت تصنيف جديد في المدونة ”  In Engish “ وستكون تدويناتي باللغة الإنجليزية ، لتكن سبب في تحسين كتاباتي وكذلك من باب الممارسة
ستكون تدوينات بسيطة ، ولا بد أن يكون هناك أخطأ و كأنني هندي في بلد عربية فلا تبخلوا علي بالتوجيه والتصحيح

Developed a new classification in my blog  ” in English ”
It will be my writings in English, to be the reason for the improvement of my writings, as well as a matter of practice
My writings would be simple, there must be a mistake, Such as the Indian man lives in an Arab country
So you corrected my mistake